Sunday, April 15, 2012

slaves to the arrow of time

The expression of consciousness, emotion, desire.
Experimenting with materials, sounds, words.
Mastering techniques, developing anew.
Tangible proof of love,
Left vulnerable to interpretation.
Powerful product of our souls,
This Art.

The figuring out of how it all works.
Testing ideas, boundaries, possibilities.
Creating new knowledge, building on the past.
Maleable proof of existence,
Susceptible to new evidence.
Language of the Universe,
This Science.

The ultimate wonder.
Unstoppable evolution marinating in infinity.
Frighteningly fragile, each single specimen,
Yet astonishingly adamant as a whole.
Teasing and shunning, mysterious and bold.
Embracing the challenge of change,
This Life.

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Big Mark 243 said...

... nice... something to sit back and kick around in my mind on a foreboding Saturday nite..!