Wednesday, December 21, 2011


i have successfully arrived in ohio for a bit of concentrated christmas a week before the big day. the US knows how to take this holiday season to the next level, even without the benefit of snow just yet!

i saw a dozen decorated trees at the airport, heard christmas songs on the radio and in stores (a blues tune called "santa claus want some lovin" was a highlight), drank a seasonal drink at one of the buhzillion starbucks on every possible corner (the eggnog latte is not as good as is might sound), played with tiny people until i couldnt take their cuteness any longer,

tried endless tins of shared homemade christmas cookies, and witnessed people wearing, without the fainest hint of remorse, gaudy christmas-themed clothing (i admit i used to make my own christmas sweatshirts and wear them with pride. despite years of hindsight-embarrassment, i now completely appreciate holiday themed clothes that go beyond the cliche santa.  i enjoy their total over-the-topness!).

but still...

calvin and hobbes
seriously, ohio.  rain?  

the temperature might cool enough later in the week for a bit of snowfall.   hope, hope...


StuntTrader said...

That song 'Santa wants some lovin'" is blues like the Moon is green cheese.
Now this is Christmas Blues..

Where I live (and it's in the Southern Hemisphere) it's not unknown to snow in December!
Best Wishes for a white one

heroineworshipper said...

No comet lovejoy 4 U.

David Frankis said...

"not as good as is might sound"

Isn't that Starbucks' strapline?

I heard a band playing the tune to "Pluto, the Previous Planet" the other day...

Unsui said...

As a big C&H fan, that "let's have some snow" was a big hit with me and everybody who got it on Holiday Greetings note from me :)

So a big thank you for giving me the idea and Happy New Year