Saturday, December 31, 2011

fireworks and goals

in honor of earth's celebration of a new calendar year, here is a galaxy image that i think looks like a big firework! NGC 1275:

and here was the massive fireworks display over sydney harbour. i love how the aerial views show the entire stretch of explosions. amazing!

hope everyone enjoys a happy and safe end to 2011!! i feel pleased as i reflect on the past year. a short summary of my twelve months of 2011:

22 talks given, 21 nights observing, 12 countries visited (depending on how you count what belongs to china), 11 papers published (2 as first author), 6 songs completed, 3 sizes lost, student loans paid off, and a flower on my frangipani tree!

what goals do you have for the next year?

i want to be able to do a pull up from a still hanging position. i want to publish 2 first-author scientific papers. i would like to finish writing a particular song that i've been working on for most of the last year. i want to write down a more coherent collection of travel stories. i want to get my heels down in the downward dog yoga pose. i want to hand-write more letters. i want to bake more bread.

here's to a successful new year, y'all! cheers!


heroineworshipper said...

Was lucky to read 11 papers in a year. It was much easier to goof off in grad school & get out of debt in the private sector than teach. The dollar lost 2/3 of it's value in the 5 years after grad school. It just meant not having enough money to get married.

Anthea said...

Happy New Year too! I got two articles accepted and one published and a book review published...but still trying to find a job that means that I'm not stressed out about cash all the time. Ack....this would be so good since I've just had to put all other goals on hold.