Monday, October 10, 2011

bean sprouts

in jeonju, south korea, they really like their bean sprouts. two english-speaking, (drunk) old men i met at dinner laughed at this observation of mine, saying its actually "something in the special water" here that makes them delicious.

i have possibly eaten my weight in bean sprouts over the last few days.

exhibit A, breakfast: several types of kimchi, tiny salty shrimps, barley tea, and two varieties of spicy bean sprout soup! (they like to eat big breakfasts here...)

Kongnamul gukbap (콩나물국밥)

the flavours might not have had huge depth, but the spiciness more than made up for it!

actually, that dish on the right was my favorite! it was two eggs with dried seaweed mixed together (and cooked) with the hot broth from the center dish of bean sprout soup. the women who served the food prepared that dish for me, as it must have been pretty obvious that i had no idea what to do with the two raw eggs sitting silently in the bowl in front of me!


태상구 said...

HI. I'm a south korean.
This picture is Kongnamul gugbab.
It's grate hangover after drunk beer on next morning.
Bibimbab and kongnamul gugbab are famouse for in jeonju.

Have a nice day :)

Unknown said...

thanks!! i'll add a caption with the name of this spicy dish!

i ate a lot of Kongnamul gugbab and bibimbop in jeonju!!