Tuesday, March 22, 2011

star wars is for *everyone*

i was completely disheartened the other day when i read an account of a 7 year old girl who was bullied because she liked star wars so much that she carried a star wars backpack and matching water bottle to school!

apparently some kids at her school think star wars is only for boys and made her feel so bad that she made up excuses for her mother in order to take a *pink* water bottle and blend in with the other girls at school. she didnt want to be different anymore. seven years old and these kids in groups are already absorbing nonsensical gender identifications and bullying other kids to conform.

the mother of the little girl solicited her female readers to share stories of their enjoyment of star wars, which she then shared with her daughter. the article is definitely worth a read.

so, here i am saying not only do i like (the original) star wars series, but i have an entire tag on this blog dedicated to the science fantasy space opera!

to show my enjoyment of how the series continues to inspire, i was going to choose just one of these great posters by olly moss to share. but i couldnt decide on only one and i really like the whole set. (just when i start to think there was no original star wars stuff out there...)


I_am_Tulsa said...

OMG...I am at a loss for words... ;6'&%%$#!!
Star Wars IS for everyone!

Matt said...

Wow, kids can be cruel. A girl who likes Star Wars... this is a good thing. No?

Steve Hall said...

Although I've been happily married for longer than you've been alive, Amanda, all I can say is, if I were looking for a new mate and she did NOT like Star Wars...I'd keep looking.

(And yes, my wife and I saw all three original movies during their initial theatrical releases!)

Big Mark 243 said...

This story disturbs me more than the Aussie story where the bully eventually got body slammed... it is sexist and makes me wonder what kind of society would have children making such a broad and general statement about gender roles...

... when I was that age... girls did more than be Princess Leia..! What a shame..!

MikeS said...

Did you guys read the comments to that story, though? So many people logged in to post wonderful supportive comments for that girl and there's an update from the mother about how good her daughter feels with all the support. Warms my heart.

Ain't the internet grand?

heroineworshipper said...

The problem is nothing has come along to replace Star Wars. We're still living in 1 point in time from the late 1970's.

skywatcher88 said...

Da da dadadad DA DADADA DAAA dadadadaa!
It is sad how some children and also some adults behave towards others just because they have a different way.I believe it has a lot to do with insecurities on their part and also peer pressure comes into play quite often. Glad there was a happy ending to the story.
We have the complete collection of STAR WARS on VHS and the newer episodes on DVDs.
I Did go see the first 3 of the 6 part series in a theater with my wifey! Would Love to see the whole series on an IMAX screen.Not sure if they have done that yet.Apollo 13 in IMAX was awesome.
Peace and Clear Skies!