Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ant in drop of water

this photo of an ant stuck in a water droplet was captured accidentally by photographer adam gormley.


"Trapped in a tiny perfect sphere of water, this unlucky ant is unable to escape. A sudden downpour gave it no time to take cover, and photographer Adam Gormley was there to snap the image. Adam, from Noosaville, Queensland, Australia, had been photographing spiders in his neighbour's garden when the rain came down. He had no idea there was an ant in one of the three millimetre droplets until he viewed the images later. He said: "I thought it was some dirt inside the drop, and it was not my main focus, I liked the way the drop was sitting on the aloe-vera leaf, with the tiny hairs. When I uploaded the shot to my PC, I viewed it large, and I think I shouted out loud in excitement when I realised what I'd captured by accident!" "


Edward said...

Minutes before...

skywatcher88 said...

Very neat. Got to check out the rest of his awesome photography!
Peace and Clear Skies!

amydove said...

Very cool!