Sunday, September 26, 2010

photos of scotland: part 1

here is round one of my favorite photos from my recent trip to scotland. i was amazed at how the landscape changed as rapidly as the weather. luckily, we survived my first time ever driving on the left side of the road and driving from the right-hand side of the car! and we were only harassed by the infamous midges on one occasion.

during our first night in scotland we stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast near loch lomond. the common room had an excellent view!

we drove thru the amazingly beautiful glen coe which has jumped up to be one of my favorite places!

i hiked to the top of the highest peak in the UK: ben nevis. the summit isnt terribly far above sea level, at 1,344 meters (4,409 ft), but i was still sore for a solid two days after the climb!

i walked across the path of a waterfall on the way to the top.

unfortunately, thick clouds hung about halfway down the mountain, completely blocking the view. this was one of the last shots i took before the clouds became so thick that i could hear people walking along the rocks before i could see them approaching!

we watched this lovely sunset along the loch until the tiny midges won the battle :( notice the light post that is submerged during high tide...

a peaceful moment with the loch's clear water.

the day after the hike, we drove a lot throughout the highlands. on the way to loch ness, we passed a lake whose name amused me: loch lochy!

we drove along most of loch ness. its incredibly long, narrow and deep! we stopped along its bank to see the remains of urquart castle. see any evidence of nessie in those dark waters?

me neither.

we then crossed the bridge to the isle of skye which was absolutely stunning - when you could see through the weather! part of the magic of scotland is that you dont always get to see its beauty, but when the clouds clear enough to send a beam of light shooting down to some distant patch of land, you feel as though you are witnessing a great secret of time.

and i must not forget one of my most favorite features of scotland: the scotch whisky!

more about the whisky in part 2. for now, you can look at the full set of photos from scotland: part 1.


Neil said...

"notice the light post that is submerged during high tide..."

do Lochs have tides?? I thought the water level would only really change depending on rainfall?

heroineworshipper said...

Bouddica was there 2000 years ago.