Friday, March 26, 2010

astronomy photographer of the year

the royal observatory, greenwich has set up an astronomy photographer of the year competition and i'm a guest judge to choose my favorite entries for the month of april! if you enjoy taking photos of the sky at night or any astronomical phenomema, load your pictures to the flickr group and be eligible for the contest!

it's not really about the contest though, its about sharing your own photos with everyone and seeing the universe through other people's eyes as well.

i've been flattered to be asked to give my opinions on the astro-photographs and cant wait to start sifting thru all the entries!



David Frankis said...

Are you going to be judgng in the 'Suggestive Photos' category?

Anonymous said...

Awesome can't wait to see both entries and the winner.

Unknown said...

vagueofgodalming - great comment! haha! i get to pick a theme for my month, and i'm not sure what it is yet.

i tell ya what though, once you start noticing phallic vestiges, its really hard to stop!