Monday, April 13, 2009

birthday word puzzle

i have a little word puzzle for you.

twenty years ago, ken was four times older than amanda. today is ken's birthday and now amanda is half* his age. how old is ken turning today?

the problem tells us:

the solution:

happy birthday pops!!!

* well, i'm very nearly half anyway... no need to work out the details :)

the second photo was taken by brad kuntz.

the idea for this post was blatantly stolen from the clever daniel jaramillo at chichipanguanorrea.


Reyjr said...

i love it. haha. and the i love the chinese reply above (even though I can't read it). lol.

Action Wolfe said...

How I hate maths - but this post amused me.

So did the first comment - only because it broke into English characters for 6 letters.

:) Happy b-day pops hahaha

xx Action Wolfe

James Pickering said...

I was gonna work it out and you gave the answer! That's no fun!! It's okay, I'm sure someone else has a birthday, right? Oh, and the post above I think is spam. I put it in a google translator and it just talks about a cleaning service. Have a great day!