Wednesday, April 16, 2008

paolo conte

i've just discovered the charming italian pianist, singer, composer, poet, lawyer, painter, etc... paolo conte.

sparring partner

his song, azzurro, which was later popularized by Adriano Celentano, was unofficially adopted as the official theme song of the fans of the world cup 2006 winning italian team.

paolo's playful version:

the italian footballers version:

i pretty much wanted anyone BUT italy to win the last world cup... but i wasnt too sad about having to *watch* those boys play so many games ;)

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pseudobunny said...

Hi! Found you through Universe Today I believe. Fun blog. Paolo Conte is incredible! I love "max".
Thanks for the fun blog..keeps me going in my astronomy studies seeing girls in the field!!( I am lucky to have a woman professor and a woman student mentor-ish person!)