Friday, January 19, 2007

doomsday clock reset

there is a doomsday clock at the university of chicago that was initially set up 60 years ago to assess the threat facing the human race as determined by a board of the bulletin of the atomic scientists. for the first time in five years, the minute hand moved 2 minutes closer to the ultimate.... midnight.

us humans have increasingly threatened our own existence... the current main hazards being (1) nuclear weapon proliferation and (2) global warming.

the movement of the doomsday clock's hand was a "measurable indicator of how bad things are. If some of the world's smartest scientists are saying we are now closer to doomsday, it should focus attention on both the problems, and the urgency of finding solutions," says american non-proliferation expert Joseph Cirincione.

the bush administration "came in determined to make a radical change and they made it. It was a complete disaster. Every member of what they call the `axis of evil' is a greater threat now than it was before they came to power. They thought they could use the blunt instrument of military might to overthrow evil regimes. But instead of intimidating countries, they made things worse."

and then there's global warming... in my opinion the best thing that we a human beings can do it to start conserving.... conserve materials and energy!! reduce the amount of waste we produce as individual people. dont throw things away that can be reused or recycled. turn lights off in a room when you leave. use public transportation or ride a bike.... it's healthier for each of us and our earth!!

here's a list of things that the EPA recommends each of us can do on a daily basis:
what you can do!

it's up to us at this point and every little thing we do counts!


Michael said...

Hi Amanda,
First of all, WE are not the cause of global warming. Take a look at, and there you will find an article that says that SATURN is experiencing global warming. It is because of solar radiation, and was predicted in biblical scripture.(Isaiah 30:26). If you look up my blog,, and look up an early post I did, called the sign of the son of man, you will also be fascinated by that, if nothing else because it was a planetary alignment.

Unknown said...

hi michael,

on the blog that you refer me to, you claim that it is MARS whose temperature has increased by one degree over the last 20 years.... not SATURN. this big mistake already makes me suspect of your reasoning...

another issue i want to raise is that you cannot pick and choose pieces of evidence while ignoring all others to make your point. while i do believe that the changes seen on earth due to global warming are real... they are subtle. such subtle and slightly similar changes have been measured recently on MARS and JUPITER. if the reason for the changes occuring on these planets is solely due to the sun... then what about MERCURY, VENUS, and SATURN? the first two of these planets are closer to the sun that us so *if* this was due only to the sun then these planets would suffer the strongest effects... and we have NOT measured any such changes.

thats all from me for now.... here's a link with more details.

Anonymous said...

you have a wonderfull blog here,
but please, avoid politics, you are
not being fair to president bush,
all i will say is that the militant muslims are determined to destroy civilization and we will have to do whatever it takes to stop them.
lets stay on the moon and stars while we can, and leave the nasty debates to the people that can make the world right again.

silver surfer