Thursday, January 11, 2007

cool comet

look in the direction where the sunsets. for the next few days, just after the bright ball sets, comet mcnaught appears visible to the naked eye! it hangs just below and to the right of the bright blue evening star, venus. if youre an early riser, look to the east where comet mcnaught will precede the sun, welcoming us all to the day.

read and see more photos here:

and on APOD

read more on what comets are here


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the comet yet??

Anonymous said...

have you been able to see the comment?

Unknown said...

i assume that you meant "comet" and not "comment." unfortunately, no, i have not been able to because it has been stormy and cloudy every single day! i'll keep trying though because it's still visible!!

has anyone else seen it?