Sunday, February 23, 2014

lift off!

what a cool perspective photo of a launch!

Photo by Will Haney


Matthew Penny said...

Something makes me suspicious about this image. Shouldn't everything be in focus at infinity? Maybe the far field has been blurred to emphasize the rocket and smoke trail?

StuntTrader said...

I think you're right Matthew, this looks to be the original

Possibly Space Shuttle Atlantis launched from the Kennedy Space Centre on 9th Sept 2006

Not sure if the image was taken from the ISS or a high altitude plane.

Luis Val said...

From a ballon probe?

heroineworshipper said...

Could never decipher any of reddit's $50 billion user interface, but it was a shuttle launch in 2006 photographed by a chase plane. 8 years later, someone finally applied the tilt shift plugin.

Unknown said...

yes, i think the tilt shift technique - to great effect!