Sunday, November 10, 2013

outreach officer

this week i officially start my new job with the AAO, splitting my time as a research astronomer and head of our new outreach office!

i'm very excited to begin this new position and to have a new office!

although i'm sad to lose my official title as a super science fellow :(   in honor of my time as a super, here are some interesting modifications of classic art pieces to include superheroes!

and from an entertaining, but slightly sad series of oil paintings about an aging superhero, by andreas englund:

but seriously, once super, always super.   i'm keeping the cape!  

and i'm really thrilled about the new office!   it has a big window with views of trees and sky and birds and weather!  it has been too long since i've had a nice view of the outside world from my indoor office.

ps. i've been sharing photos on here recently that i've previously posted on instagram.


Ggreybeard said...

I look forward to experiencing your outreach at the Macarthur Astronomy Forum next March!
: )

Big Mark 243 said...

Congratulations on your new job and you are just the most adorable astronomer that I know..!

Unknown said...

thank you!

ps. mark, no worries - i'll send you a sydney postcard. hopefully it wont take me too long to make it to the post office!