Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the hi(gg)story

a well-known prize just went to Peter Higgs and Fran├žois Englert for "the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider."

i remember where i was last year when the 5 sigma detection of the higgs boson was announced: with a group of other physicists, enjoying the higgsteria (and cringing at the comic sans).

you can read about ALL the twists and turns of the hi(gg)story in a nice article by matt strassler, or you can watch the series done by brady and the sixty symbols crew.

for instance, you can learn what would happen if you put your hand inside the large hadron collider:

and of course, learn about the two experiments using the large hadron collider (LHC) that discovered the higgs boson!




Unknown said...

The guy who looks a bit like Prince Charles (w/Mozzie analogy) made a good effort to explain, dare u to try Amanda!

heroineworshipper said...

Until the next god particle is conceived.