Friday, April 19, 2013

water in space

there are things we take for granted living on earth, where the planet's gravity causes objects to fall toward it, and the effects of surface tension are not often noticed.  these thoughts struck me as i watched an experiment performed on the international space station (ISS) by commander chris hadfield.  

the canadian space agency held a contest last year where they asked students to devise experiments that could be performed in space.    in this experiment, the students asked what would happen in space when one wrings out a water-soaked washcloth?  they guessed that the water would not drip off the washcloth in a microgravity environment, but it would remain on the washcloth instead. 

the result of the experiment on the ISS was really cool and actually not what my earth-based tuition expected!  those young scientists guessed better than i did ;)

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