Thursday, March 21, 2013

lingering equinox sunrise

the lovely equinox sunrise
colorfully on the clouds 
as they strolled by overhead.

the hours of daylight and darkness all over earth are very nearly equal right now, while earth's spin axis sits perpendicular to the rays it receives from the sun.

from now until the solstice in june, the days will become longer in the northern hemisphere and shorter in the southern hemisphere.   this is because of earth's tilt on its nearly circular path around the sun.

i felt surprised a couple weeks ago when i drove through the blue mountains and saw bright red leaves on the branches of the japanese maple trees.  autumn is definitely upon us down here, yet i still enjoy this simple spring poem by chilean poet pablo neruda

happy equinox!


ST said...

Cover you in flowers.. noice!

Sakib said...

Cover in flowers? I thought it meant something about deflowering?! :)