Thursday, February 15, 2007

instinctive morality

i tried to write something up the other day regarding the recent "debate" on CNN about atheism. i was/am extremely disappointed by CNN's one-sided approach and confused by the panelists' notion that human morality can only be derived from religious foundations.

CNN received so much negative feedback about their reporting that paula zahn later invited the well-known atheist, richard dawkins, on the show for an interview.

i was pleasantly surprised by how well he answered her questions and responded to her claims. he can be a bit strong for my flavor of debate, but i think i understand why he does it.... as i said, i tried to write about it and failed. it turns out that my idea involves the potential to shift the range of acceptable political debate, encompassed by the overton window. i had never heard of this term, or even the concept until i read this great post at check it out. it's excellent and recommended!

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Anonymous said...

wow! interesting find...certainly worth further reading.