Sunday, August 13, 2006

in the beginning

i've decided bring my ongoing, self formatted, moved away from my family so i'll keep them updated webpage, to a different realm.... the bona fide blog-o-sphere.

hopefully, i'll find a compatible photo sharing software as well so i can share pictures up my upcoming journeys to germany and chile.

i leave for munich in 2 weeks. rob and i had a fantastic going away party last night... 50 ways to leave your lover. the pictures shows the amandas.... me all chi-ed up with rob's sister, amanda.

my paper is coming along quite nicely im happy to say. after an unpleasant bout of data analysis, my galaxies have finally started to reveal interesting insights into their formation history. that sounds pretty cheesy, but i'm happy to be doing physics again instead of fighting with plots and understanding every nuance of calculations based on years of assumptions, using data sets burdened by inherent observational biases.

anyway... now all my thoughts shared here will be titled, annotated and potentially referred to in the future. that's somehow reassuring.

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