Monday, May 18, 2009

we are astronomers

we are astronomers is a new 360° fulldome digital planetarium show describing what professional astronomers actually do during their working hours! "Today’s astronomer is not the lone observer of past centuries. We are Astronomers reveals the global collaboration, technology and dedication required to answer the unresolved questions of the Universe."

i'm thrilled to have been asked to participate in this project! you can view the film (and my cameo) at several locations around the UK starting 23 may, 2009. let us know what you think if you see it!

here is a beautiful scene of the very large telescope (VLT) in chile, that is included in the film. remember the film will be shown on a full 360°, so this flatscreen projection looks oddly circular!

WAA VLT WIP from NSC Creative on Vimeo.

here's the first trailer for the movie. the narrator of the film is the former doctor who, david tennant!

WAA Trailer 1 from NSC Creative on Vimeo.


Nikky said...

am very interested in seeing this! is it going to be coming to north america? after all it is a long drive from canada to the u.k. just to see a movie! ;)

heroineworshipper said...

Getting more skeptical of the whole "global collaboration" thing. Biology is never collaborative. A bunch of organisms may say they're collaborators, but each one always wants to be on top. When was the last time a country left its name out of a discovery in the name of collaboration?