Friday, May 22, 2009


star wars > star trek

the beatles > elvis

neko case > new pornographers

snoopy > marmaduke

cats > dogs

mork > alf

sawyer > jack

snow > rain

milkshake > malt

skyline chili > gold star (shout out to cincinnati!)

yellow bananas > green bananas

birthmonth > birthday

30 > 29

"fringe" > "bangs"

mac > pc

emacs > vi

anything > IRAF

less > more (odd but true)

two wheels > four wheels

no makeup > makeup

herbs > no herbs

homegrown > store-bought

oven > microwave

acoustic > electric

live > recorded

snail mail > email

obama >> bush

barcelona fc > manchester united

liverpool fc > [insert club name here]

belgian beer > any other beer

curiosity > boredom

knowledge > memorization

truth > fallacy

spirituality > religion

the universe > everything

t > 0

v !> c

pluto > plutoid

xkcd !> abstruse goose

ps. the symbol !> means "not greater than"


Safir said...

i agree with everything other than...

pc > mac (no comparison)
minor planet > plutoid > pluto (does it really matter?)
four wheels > two wheels (i HAAAAATE bikes)

Big Mark 243 said...

barcelona fc > manchester united

liverpool fc > [insert club name here]

I like Arsenal!

This seems like a great idea ... I will have to think how my list would look like.

Julia said...

I chuckled at your IRAF comment. :) And I would be hard-pressed to choose Neko Case or the New Pornographers, but I would probably go the opposite way of you.

Peregrine said...

"star wars > star trek"

Opinion is opinion, but did you really have to open with that one?

"emacs > vi"

A year ago I might have disagreed, but then I installed Ubuntu. Now I never need them. And it's a good thing too, because the Vi configuration is all screwed up, and now I have no idea what the hell is going on with either of them. Luckily, Pico works out-of-the-box.

Unknown said...

safir - two-wheeled vehicles also include scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, etc...

mark - i also like bayern munich, but the coverage of the english leagues is better here, obviously. i'll look forward to reading your list!

julia - i was introduced to neko at a live solo show of hers. amazing!!!! have you seen her live? she's on tour this summer... unfortunately for me, only in the US.

p - yes, i had to open with the controversial one ;) although it was an easy choice for me.

Anonymous said...

Love the obama >> bush one.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, not only does she leave this old failed physicist (who blanches at the sight of the wave equation) green with envy because she does astrophysics and presents it with aplomb, but she also likes much the same things as me.

I think you are my doppelganger from a parallel universe!

Oh, and

Barrow AFC > Liverpool FC >> Manchester United FC

Blakes 7 > Star Wars

Mechanical > electronic

I could go on. Sorry for butting in. As you were!

Unknown said...

mechanical > electronic

nice one!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear it's your birthday so hope you're having a good one. The voice of experience says:

50 > 40 > 30 < 20

At 30 I burst into tears in a crowded restaurant because I now had to be grown up.

40 was a 10-day party.

50 was seriously funky!