Tuesday, May 19, 2009

scales of the universe

if you are in nottingham wednesday evening, come hear the first installment of our international year of astronomy public lecture series! the official poster pictured below has the full schedule for the rest of the year. i'll be speaking in august.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 20th, 6-7 pm

WHO: Dr. Sebastien Foucaud (University of Nottingham, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy)

TITLE: "Scales of the Universe"

WHERE: Maths & Physics building on the University Park Campus, Lecture Theatre B1

ABSTRACT: I invite you on a journey through space, speeding through the Universe at the "power of ten". From a standard meter on the scale to the edge of the Universe, traveling through distance that encompasses our sun and furthermost galaxies, I would like to show you how minuscule we are in terms of our size, but also how broad our knowledge is in terms of its expanse. I will take this opportunity to explain how through time, since the ancient Greeks to the era of space conquests, astronomers have been measuring distances. To conclude, I will also explain how we think the Universe was formed 13 billion years ago as we travel through time from its earliest stages to present times.

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