Monday, September 22, 2008

claire de lune - bossa nova

laurindo almeida not only transcribes my favorite piece, claire de lune, into a beautiful guitar piece, but he also adds some bossa nova flair! i'm extremely impressed by both of these skills!

i loved playing this piece so much when i first learned it, that i wrote a little report on the history of the song and claude debussy for my high school french class. i even recorded myself playing the song and played it for the class as i gave my broken-french report. the thing that aggravated me the most was that the teacher took points off my grade because the title "claire de lune" was wrong. she claimed it should be "claire de la lune." from a grammar perspective, i understood her point, but i argued that i wasnt about to change the name of a song given to it by the french composer! she didnt agree, i didnt change the name, and my grade was marked down. i was livid... and apparently i'm still a little perturbed by her. oh well. i still love the song!

thanks for the heads-up from the jackass penguin show.

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