Sunday, July 27, 2008

visualizing music: claire de lune

here's a cool visualization of one of the most wonderful songs ever written: claire de lune from claude debussy's suite bergamasque. while it's a mesmerizing accompaniment to the beautiful music, somehow it doesnt represent what i intuitively feel when playing the piece. i find that the visuals are upside-down, because i experience the high pitched keys to be on the right, which should be on the bottom of the screen. but i imagine it might be awkward for the lowest of the horizontal lines to represent the highest notes. anyway... enjoy!

created by stephen malinowski using the music animation machine

created by myself


Eugenio Manuel said...

Hablas español, eres astrónoma y ¡tocas el piano! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you played. I used to play Debussey back in the day, thought not as well as you!

Unsui said...

Didn't knew that our expert astronomer is a musician as well :D
what instrument you play ?

Nick Monks said...

Excuse my Battlestar-ese, but that was frakin fantastic =)

Also, it's great to see more women not only getting involved in physics and astronomy but sharing that knowledge at large. Congrats on your PhD! Hope to get there one day myself =)

Anonymous said...

Nice piano playing.

Unknown said...

thanks all! anyone know where i can play a piano regularly, or purchase a touch-sensitive keyboard in nottingham? i already miss playing and i've only been away from my former keyboard for a month!!