Thursday, July 3, 2008

keyless in ohio

i moved out of my office, my apartment, and my life in austin. i sold my scooter, my bike and very nearly everything i own. yesterday i arrived in ohio, keyless. i'll have no keys for almost two months...!!

yesterday i met my best friend's tiny little 5.5 lb. baby girl. she's adorable, and poops way more than i thought a less-than-6-pound baby would!

tomorrow i'll see my nephew and niece for the first time since christmas. i've missed my favorite little dippers and cant wait to play!

i'm here for july enjoying my family and the flowers. i have a one-way ticket to england in august, and no place reserved to stay when i get there.... yet.

absolute craziness!


Electro said...

Curious as to what you will be doing in the UK. Havent heard of any super cool telescopes in Nottingham and last I heard (via the BA) you already have your PHD.
So teaching maybe?
PS-you would not believe what your letter verification asked me to spell to post this comment

Eva said...

Wow, crazy summer for you!, but at least you get to have a healthy break in Ohio. Good luck finding a place in Nottingham. I hope it's not as tough as here.

Have a great summer!

Unknown said...

electro - i have a research postdoc at the university of nottingham. i'll get around to writing more about the details one of these days.

and now i'm curious... what did you have to spell??

Electro said...

Seriously? It asked me to spell out

heroineworshipper said...

So lucky to go to England. Live in history. Make a few pounds. Turn it into $50 million after inflation.

Unsui said...

H__worshiper Making pound as in earning pound and not gaining I assume :). Global economy is going through same ride,so UK isn't much better of as the this side of the pond.

A_pixie Enjoy what you do :)

Electro said...

Sorry if my last comment was a bit "locker room", but you did ask.