Thursday, July 17, 2008

periodic table - sodium

theres a brand new video series about each element in the periodic table up on youtube! the folks creating these entertaining and informative tidbits are located at my future academic affiliation: the university of nottingham!!

my favorite video so far is about sodium...

one guy in the science team can certainly be inducted into the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists!


Steve Jeffery said...

Great Zarquon's Knees, Nottingham?!? Brilliant. You may have mentioned this before and I failed to notice, but I was idly wondering where on this Sceptered Isle you were headed for, and now I find I live there.
I think you'll have a blast. It ain't Texas but we do okay. ;-)

Unknown said...

i've been a bit elusive about my final destination. as the time draws nearer for me to move, i'm getting more and more excited!

recommendations are welcome!

and trust me... there's nothing like texas!

Steve Jeffery said...

We have all manner of culture, high and low. If you're here for the start of October there's the Robin Hood Beer Festival ( I just happen to know (the official) Robin Hood ... ;-D

(It's not something I'd normally boast about, but this sort of thing seems to impress you colonial types ... (ducks))

Chris said...

When you get there, look up a fellow doing AI research named Andrew Parkes. He used to be a string theorist, and is in general an awesome guy.