Friday, September 19, 2008

LHC == Halo

as readers of the blog have informed me, they've changed the public name of the large hadron collider to "halo". the new name is fine, although its unfortunately lacking onomatopoeia. oh well.

i thought the suggestion of "The One Ring" was pretty funny. any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

They haven't actually changed the name; the Royal Society of Chemistry held a contest for the public to decide a name to suggest to CERN, since "Large Hadron Collider" is somewhat cumbersome and intimidating.

"Halo" won the contest, but an official CERN spokesperson responded to the suggestion stating thanks for public interest in it, but that CERN had decided not to change the LHC's name.

Unknown said...

they made a good choice!

Stephen said...

The trouble with "the one ring" is that when LOTR came out, you could buy "The One Ring" at Border's book store in packages of five.

I've heard that scientists have more or less bet the farm on the LHC. So it's more like a wedding ring.