Tuesday, April 2, 2013

southern evening sky

my first day "tramping" along the kepler track in new zealand started out rainy, but cleared up for a lovely evening of nearly-full-moon star-gazing.  

the glow of the bright moon on one of new zealand's largest lakes - lake te anau.

the constellation of the southern cross, the crux, and the bright pointers.

 the moon with a nice halo and reflection on the water

the second night on the trail provided slightly more suspense as we waited for the full moon to rise.

the shadows of the clouds in front of the moon were intense.  it took very little time for my eyes to get adjusted and then i didnt need a flashlight/torch for any of the evening's outdoor exploration. i had the song "moonshadow" by cat stevens flowing through my head for days.

upsidedown orion.

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heroineworshipper said...

Not bad for a point & shoot. Still remember when seeing any stars on a digital camera was unthinkable.