Wednesday, April 24, 2013

new zealand - the kepler track

last month i hiked one of south island of new zealand's great walks: the kepler trackthe kepler mountains in fiordland and this track are named after one of my favorite astronomers, johannes kepler.

the "tramp" took us four days and covered 60 km of beautiful wilderness that felt completely isolated and untouched by humans, other than the incredibly well-maintained track!

the hike started from the town of te anau, going through rain forest along a lovely, long lake.

it was windy above the protection of the trees.

the view of the foggy sunrise over te anau from the first hut was stunning.


after a rainy first day, the rest of the trip was graced with clear skies and incredibly good visibility.

the valleys in fiordland were carved out by glaciers thousands of year ago and filled with water when the glaciers melted.

luckily i dont suffer vertigo, but nearly toppled off this trail while looking back and forth at the view in every direction.

many vibrant colors of life growing on this rock.

the sunsets were beautiful, but the sand flies near the lakes made it extremely unpleasant to enjoy them for long!

watch out!

so crisp and clear.  the lakes were very low after a month-long drought across new zealand.

winding path through a bog.

purple bliss.

i will return.   so much more to explore...!


Carlos said...

This is just amazing! I wish we had those kinds of organized tracks in my Country. It looks like you had a really great trip.

Salute from Panama

heroineworshipper said...

Looks a lot more inhabited than when Xena lived there.