Monday, April 29, 2013

magnetic magic

i have a phd in astrophysics and yet magnets mystify me and seem like wonderful, natural magic.   i love being able to *feel* their force and resistance on tangible scales without being able to see what's going on. 

my birthday isnt too far away.   if anyone wants to either send me a post card or some of this "super magnetic thinking putty," you would make me a very happy super scientist!!  ;)


heroineworshipper said...

Back in my day, 5 months ago, we only had ferro fluid, something that was really nasty to get on you & required throwing away a bowl. Wonder what finally allowed magnetic putty to be mass produced.

Peregrine said...

I picked up a generic knock off of this stuff a couple of years ago. It's more like clay, more than putty, in that it's mostly hard, until you kneed it to soften it up. It didn't come with its own rare earth magnet like this stuff does, so I got a magnet out of another set that I happened to have. I accidentally left the magnet in the putty, and when I pulled it out a few months later, it had dissolved all the chrome off the magnet. I was not happy.


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