Monday, April 8, 2013

siding spring observatory open to the public!

excellent news - siding spring observatory is now open to the public!   all hazardous building materials have been removed from the site and most potentially dangerous trees have been removed and are continuing to be monitored.  

Regrowth at Siding Spring Observatory #SSO (Credit: Matthew Colless)

A long recovery begins (Credit: Matthew Colless)

sources tell me that the skymapper telescope took its first observations this week, after the bushfires swept through in january this year.   the angle-australian telescope (AAT) has been observing since late february, mostly in remote observing mode with observers stationed in north ryde near sydney.

Green begins again (Credit: Kyler Kuehn)

some astronomers have been traveling up to site to work on equipment and see for themselves what has happened.  researcher kyler kuehn took this footage from the catwalk of the 4-meter Anglo-Australian Telescope.   it's amazing how quickly green is growing again. 


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