Sunday, April 14, 2013

if i were going...

the space foundation holds an international student art contest every year.  each year has a different inspiring theme like Space is Infinite - Explore (2012) or Human Space Travel in 2020 (2011).   the theme for 2013 was if i were going... which i think is great!

the winning pieces, from kids of all ages, are really incredible.   here are some of my favorites, but you can see winners from 2013 and 2012.

Artist: Taha Waqar
i love the curves, colors and textures.

Taha Waqar, 3rd-5th grade (8-10 years old), Multimedia 2012, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Artist: Anastasia Melnikova
bold, with nice expressive patterns.  i interpret this as the trippiness one would feel going to explore the unknown regions of space. 

Anastasia Melnikova, 9th-12th grade (14-18 years old), Drawing 2013, Saratov Region, Russia

Artist: Daniel Tsivkovski
great colors and and full canvas - fantastic for such a young artist!

Daniel Tsivkovski, PreK-2nd (3-7 years old), Painting and Mixed Media 2013, California, USA

Artist: Kathleen Xue
i love the expression on her face.   pure wonder.

Kathleen Xue, 9th-12th grade (14-18 years old), Drawing 2013, California, USA

Artist: Mankeert Narang
i like the bit of humor in this one.   very cute.

Mankeert Narang, 3rd-5th (8-10 years old), Painting and Mixed Media 2013, Punjab, India

Artist: Bhavya Mithra
wonderful incorporation of familiar landscape and culture. 

Bhavya Mithra, 3rd-5th (8-10 years old), Drawing 2013, Kerala, India

Artist: Daniel Carr

Daniel Carr, 9th-12th grade (14-18 years old), Multimedia 2012, Colorado, USA

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Sakib said...

I can't believe it but this is one of my favourite posts on this blog! It brings back memories of my childhood! I remember trying to make a picture of the Horsehead Nebula with black paper, glue and red glitter!!!