Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NASA's mohawk guy

the flight director on the mars science laboratory curiosity mission, bobak ferdowsi, caught people's attention last night with his mohawk.  he tweets that he's not quite ready for all this attention, especially as the reality of successfully landing a space craft on mars sinks in!  

he tells a nice story in this interview.  "If my mohawk gets a few more people excited about science and this mission, that's awesome."  absolutely!  great job, bobak!


heroineworshipper said...

I can't work on a space program, but I do have a mane.

Unsui said...

The entire mania behind the Mohawk guy reminds me of an old post on this site - http://amandabauer.blogspot.com/2010/03/new-image-for-einstein.html

In the age of media frenzy and need of social connectivity, one has to resort to superficial measures to get noticed. That's sad.