Monday, August 6, 2012

curiosity: your excuse for anything

... at least today... because the newest rover, curiosity, successfully landed on mars!  how exciting was that event to watch live!?!  what amazingly crazy technology.

Credit: xkcd
a friend also sent me this shot of a funny conversation he had with his brother :)

it seems that the mohawk hair style (or "mohican" as they say in the UK, apparently!) has made a random resurgence for the landing of the curiosity rover on mars.  the flight director on the mars science laboratory curiosity mission, bobak ferdowsi, got a lot of attention for his colorful do - he cuts his hair differently for every mission.  well-played, sir!

NASA's "mohawk guy" - flight director for MSL, bobak ferdowski

i'm in tuscon right now at the ASP science communication meeting and at our party to watch the landing last night, one enthusiastic volunteer sported a fantastic mohawk as well!

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heroineworshipper said...

Saying "skycrane has started" without laughing was the key requirement for the mission.