Monday, August 20, 2012

curiosity's landing: play by play

this video gave me goosebumps! 

it's a play by play of curiosity landing on mars, showing the high resolution images taken by curiosity as the NASA folks at mission control were receiving signals on earth.   the way their commentary and cheers line up with the real images is great!

i have to admit, i'm still amazed that the whole 7 minutes of terror, including the use of a sky crane, to land a car-sized rover on mars actually worked!   but it DID work, and we really shouldnt forget how awesome that is. 

i read a great tweet today:


heroineworshipper said...

Wish the rover was doing something new, like a sample return, building a permanent base, or inspecting its descent stage. Interest in the MERs rapidly dropped, after about 5 rock grinds.

StuntTrader said...

For 7 minutes it was Schrodinger's Curiosity..
A truly awesome achievement.
PS Did anyone else notice that highly suspect name tag in front of one of the Mission Controllers on the live NASA TV transmission?
Took 8 goes to prove I'm not a robot!
No wonder there's not many comments