Thursday, May 16, 2013

ring of fire timelapse

this wonderful timelaspe of last week's annular eclipse over australia presents a rare sight.   what an opportunity to catch an eclipse at the horizon and capture all the funky atmospheric effects of such an occurrence! 

the smushed sun (and moon) occurs because the light passing through so much of earth's atmosphere gets bent upwards.

Ring of Fire - May 10 2013 Annular Solar Eclipse, Pilbara, Western Australia from Colin Legg on Vimeo.

the video is created from images taken by geoff sims and colin legg.


StuntTrader said...

Stunning video, would have liked to have seen it set to a certain Johnny Cash sound track :)

Unknown said...

There was an advert for a brand of chilli in the UK that used Cash's "Ring of Fire".