Tuesday, March 15, 2011

nuclear reactors in japan

i wanted to share some information about the issues surrounding the nuclear reactors in japan since the massive earthquake and tsunami hit last week.

you can read an informative article by maggie koerth-baker: nuclear energy 101.

or watch below as the professor from the periodic table of videos sits down to have a chat about what's going on inside the nuclear reactors in japan:

here's another video that really shows in the strength of flowing water. its amazing how quickly the volume increases. (thanks to commenter kevin for the public link!)


kevinwparker said...

Freely accessible version of that last video:


(Also includes a link to Google maps to show where the video was taken - scary how far from the sea it was.)

Unknown said...

thanks kevin! link updated!

heroineworshipper said...

The 'book is too depressing for us, not that we can understand his english anyways.

The Fuku plant didn't have a 2nd containment shell like the American ones. It just had the stainless steel reactor core & a single concrete shell around it. Now they think the earthquake caused the cooling water to leak. We just never built enough nuclear plants to perfect the design.

skywatcher88 said...

Thanks for the Links to the tragedies In Japan.Just an incredible event to show what can happen from the earth itself evolving.Movies can fake it but the real is more unreal!Get well soon Japan!
Peace and Clear Skies!
From Kevins Link on the same page before and after Satellite pics of areas affected by the Tsunami.


Just surreal!

Samir Dhurde said...

Hi Amanda
People seem to be panicking without understanding the radiation level numbers that the news channels mention...

This link could be of some help