Saturday, March 19, 2011

messenger's orbit around mercury

in honor of the MESSENGER space craft successfully maneuvering into orbit around mercury this week, i thought i'd share a blast from the past from sixty symbols. if i remember right, this one one of first videos i recorded with brady :)


skywatcher88 said...

Hi Amanda
Thanks for this post.I have watched it before.Will be following MESSENGERS progress. Going to try to photograph Jupiter And Mercury tonight just after sunset.Its clear here tonight.
Peace and clear Skies
P.S. May I put a link to your blog site on my website?I tried emailing you at hotmail quite a while ago but have not received a response.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Didn`t get a pic of Mercury and Jupiter tonight.My friends the McClouds obscured only that part of the sky the planets were in.The rest of the sky was clear!Mr.Murphy visits me again!

skywatcher88 said...

That was me in the above post
Peace and clear Skies!