Thursday, October 21, 2010

views from mauna kea

as this observing run on mauna kea draws to a close (tonight is my last night), i share another round of views from the volcano.

i never really get tired of these sunsets.

the nearly full moon is on the rise.

just a short hike from the telescopes takes you to that actual summit of mauna kea (on the right of the photo above, and shown below). some brave folks marched over to see the small monument built by hawaiians.

clouds in front of the sun can create some really interesting shadows and rays. when taking this shot, the sun was setting behind me and i couldnt see it at all thru the thick cumulus clouds.

below is an early morning photo with the sun rising behind me. the telescopes from right to left are the NASA infrared telescope facility (IRTF, where my old undergraduate professor is currently observing, small universe), the two keck telescopes (the biggest mirrors on the mountain), the japanese suburu telescope, and the submillimeter array. the little island peaking out of the clouds on the right is maui!

this is a sunrise view of the cabin at 9000ft where sleep happily greeted me after a 14 hour work night.

if you click to see the full photo below, you can see some telescope domes on the top of mauna kea! its rare to be able to see the peak from the ever-cloud-covered town of hilo.



amydove said...

Wow, I didn't realize that you could see the domes form that far away. That helps you realize how huge they really are.

Big Mark 243 said...

Not only do you work in a interesting field, you get to go to some of the most fantastic places. I would recommend you blog to any aspiring astropixies or pixels I come across!

Astronomovie said...

Wow, maybe it is really time to extend my horizon and get into optical astronomy as well :)