Wednesday, August 5, 2009

UKRC's august astronomy blogger!

guess who?!?!

"Amanda Bauer - Astropixie and galaxy-gazer!" awesome.

in march of this year, i attended a conference in london that focused on the future of women in science, engineering, and technology. the successful event was hosted by the uk resource center for women in science, technology, and engineering... or UKRC for short. you can read some of my initial reactions to the event here and here, and some less-directly related posts here and here.

i'm honored that this useful organization asked me to be their featured astronomy blogger for august!! so go over, have a read, and leave a comment!



Eva said...

That's excellent!. Not that I am surprised, I have seen astropixie evolve practically from the start, so I think it deserves all the fame that it now has.

Rik Gern said...

Well deserved--way to go!!!

Ruth Wilson said...

Thanks for joining us Amanda! We are really pleased to be raising the profile of 12 different women during the International Year of Astronomy, and its great to have you as part of the initiative.

by the way - there is a session on women in astronomy at the Science Festival in Guildford, 7 September, in the evening... Maggie Aderin and others (including a rep of UKRC) will be speaking

David Frankis said...

You are indeed very august.