Sunday, August 9, 2009

the rains down in africa

i'm a big fan of choral music and wanted to share a piece i just saw that impressed me! in this video, the group perpetuum jazzile perform toto's africa. the part that amazed me most was the intro... i LOVE the thunderstorm! (it might seem like the sound of the video isnt working at first, but it is... be patient!)

the rainstorm effect was inspired by this performance by a south african youth choir: the kearnsey college choir.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Manhattan Transfer on a galactic scale!

I must admit I always thought Toto's song was a bit naff but I really enjoyed this version, if only for that amazing introduction!

I think I might snaffle this for my Livejournal. With a credit of course.

Steve Hall said...

Wow...never much of a Toto fan, but always enjoyed this song...I think now I know why.

This is freaking awesome! Thanks for sharing, Amanda...going to be sure all my friends get a chance to listen/watch!!

lalamandala said...

I liked the perpetuum song but i LOVED the kearnsey choir song!!! thanks for that!