Wednesday, August 19, 2009

some things i do not understand

- the song "a man needs a maid" by neil young.

- the point of linkedin.

- the ridiculousness of the current health care debate in the US.

- mint kit kat.

- this photo.

- the resurgence of neon-colored clothing.

- why so few people wear hats anymore.

- the laws of cricket.

- the accents spoken by some people in england.

- consciousness

- why i should bother spelling thru as through.

- the appeal of red bull.

- how to roll an "R" with my tongue.

UPDATE: how people believe the email (spam) that says that mars will look as big in the sky as the full moon in just over a week. (it wont... ever!)


Steve Jeffery said...

Valid points, mostly. ;-P
I'm intrigued to know what that photo is, but the link seems to have expired.

Steve Hall said...

There is a LOT of Neil Young I don't understand.

And I'm with you on LinkedIn. I just don't get it.

In fact...I agree with you on almost all of those things; however, being a native Californian (with some Scots-Irish blood in me), rolling R's has never presented a problem.

Oh...and I do wear a hat when I'm out most of the time; generally, a Tilley.

DangerAmy said...

Very confusing stuff indeed.

I think the ridiculousness of the health care debate in the US thing is somehow related to the attitude of a person I met recently who refuses to learn how to pronounce the current presidents name. Not that that clear anything up ...

And I've never understood kit kats in any form.

Nikky said...

while I never get anything sung by neil young and mint kit kat seem just so monstrously wrong, the debate about health care in the US I do get. It's like the blind leading the stupid. Big industry wants to make money, and they pay politicians to let them. Americans (not all) just seem to be scared by all of the political bullshit that is being thrown about. What they really should do is just look at the models that are working in other countries for themselves instead of letting their government think for them.

I also don't get the appeal of redbull either!

heroineworshipper said...

Not so sure about men needing maids. We always say one thing in public, but in private US is a pretty unbelievably conservative society if not the most conservative in the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed Mandy...
You dont understand the appeal of red bull??? But we were just talking about it THRU dinner the other day - it's Chuck Norris' urine!How can it not be appealing?

amydove said...

I'm curious about the photo!

Nicholas Garcia (Nick) said...

If I can just speculate on a few of your points. First off Neil Youngs song. You must consider the times , when the song was written. although the big buz was talk of freedom and equality. When in reality we where still living in the dark ages. especially in the areana of the sexes.

Next," linkin", I just started dabbing into it. The best I can gather It's bloggers attempt to recycle. Take those old unused posts and put them back into the main stream.

Healthcare debates, man I'm with you on that one. A lot of talk and no action. Kind of reflects the state of affairs our country is in.

I've never seen a mint kit kat. Personally a would rather have a mounds or a reeces. Although mint and chocolate sounds good.

Thru verses through, either or. It reads the same to me.

Red Bull, it's got to be the buz because the flavor is terrible.

Lastly consiousness hummm, I think it's over rated......nick

Unknown said...

i really enjoy most of neil young's music - harvest, live rust, harvest moon... all fantastic albums. but i still dont get that one song.

i've learned my lesson now - dont link to photos. sorry, the link is lost and i cant seem to find the photo anywhere else on the interwebs. trust me... it was hard to understand!

i like mint. i like chocolate. but they do not go well together in the form of a kit kat bar.

Unknown said...

I get perturbed when people roll their R's as I cannot do it. I've tried many times and it just frustrates me. I can in face whistle well though. Some people can't, and if those people are the one's who can roll their R's... well I whistle as much as possible to them! ha