Wednesday, October 16, 2013

pluto, the previous planet - live!

a couple weeks ago fred watson and i dusted off our musical collaboration and performed a live version of "pluto, the previous planet!"

the only video recording was from a phone in the back of the room, but enough of you requested to see and listen to the "performance" that i put together this video - i hope you enjoy!

the audience of 400 was in coonabarabran that evening for "science in the pub," where nobel laureate brian schmidt, prof matthew colless and prof ken freeman discussed dark matter, dark energy, and the concept of "reality." ("three astronomers walk into a pub...").

(L to R) Matthew Colless, Ken Freeman, Brian Schmidt, Fred Watson

but they were stuck listening to our song near the end ;)

Fred Watson and I finishing "Pluto, the Previous Planet" (Photo Credit: Helen Sim)

some of you might recall the official video for "pluto, the previous planet" was produced as a hack day project at dotAstronomy 3 a couple years ago. that video can still be seen at and the full story of the song's conception and video's production can be found HERE.  

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