Tuesday, October 15, 2013

on the news!

just before the starfest weekend at siding spring observatory, channel 7 sunrise national news morning program sent their weather team to site to feature all the great views of the recovering landscape and cutting edge astronomical technology.

this video shows all the footage from siding spring, condensed into a 12 minute collection.   can you spot edwina's major faux pas?  she apologised afterwards, sort of, but we all screamed off-camera when we heard her say it!

also, i dont remember feeling so short standing next to her!   she had heels on her shoes, but seriously, i look small.  remind me to wear some higher shoes next time!

fun stuff!

Sunrise news crew and several AAO staff


ST said...

Couldn't spot the faux pas, but I enjoyed seeing the kitchen where you astrologers work :)

heroineworshipper said...

Would have taken someone that short/tall. Took a lot of work to get in that video.

Unsui said...

Watching the Sunrise through the telescope? What's that about

Anonymous said...

That's on the "backside" of the 3.9m AAT at Siding Spring, leading down to the Cassegrain cage... Superb telecope!
Best regards,