Thursday, October 3, 2013

live from siding spring observatory

i'm up at siding spring observatory this week for many events during the upcoming StarFest weekend extravaganza!  this morning, the australian national news program, channel 7 sunrise, broadcast their show from different parts around the observatory!   i featured in a couple segments, talking about the science we can do with our 4 meter AAT telescope and showing some pretty pictures on computers in the control room.

you can watch one quick segment HERE (at least for the next month or so).

overall, it was a very fun experience, but the super early wake up call was not my favourite part of the day!
sunrise over siding spring observatory

here is sam, a PhD student who was up all night observing, talking about the exciting new SAMI instrument and its capabilities.

sam showing off SAMI and the AAT to edwina bartholemew
we did a few scenes outside with the view, a few inside the dome with the big telescope and inside the control room. can you spot the gag that came right at the end of the scene ;) 

behind-the-scenes from the news spot this morning
i found it fascinating to watch the small news crew smoothly organize every scene setup and shot.  they were in control.  an impressive operation!

several AAO staff with the channel 7 sunrise weather team
this is my first trip to siding spring since the fires in january.  its springtime and regrowth is happening all over!   its nice to see.

springtime flourishes at siding spring observatory

the sunrise view from the top of siding spring

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