Saturday, September 14, 2013

dirty space news: solid as a rock

this earthly spire is excitedly reaching toward the milky way galaxy in today's dirty space news entry. the rock formation, called castildetierra, is located in bardenas reales, spain.  

Photo Credit: Maria Rosa Vila

why does the milky way arc like a rainbow across the sky in this photo, you might be wondering?  the image is a collection of 14 different shots that were added together for the final effect.  the photographer would have stood in a single place and taken photos in all directions to capture images of the entire sky. then she added them together and cropped the final image in post-processing.

i think the lack of any distortion in the final combined image is impressive! or maybe the universe is just naturally attracted to that 50 meter pillar of stiff rock ;)


heroineworshipper said...

Takes a lot less to get a 5 billion year old guy hard.

Anonymous said...

Earth to Milky Way...

"Harden the f..k up"

Anonymous said...

I think Ms. astropixie is in need of a stiff penis!

I hope she finds one soon!