Friday, September 6, 2013

adler planetarium

i'm visiting chicago's adler planetarium this week.   yesterday i recorded a "Night and Day" podcast, toured the museum, played with some cool technologies in their space visualization lab, enjoyed a song of galaxy karaoke inside the planetarium dome, and gave a science talk.  whew!

the adler planetarium lives out in a peninsula

for the rest of the week i'm working with the galaxy zoo quench team on a project that allows citizen scientists of any kind to go through the entire process of science!  together, the citizen scientists and science team will investigate why a unique group of galaxies have had their star formation abruptly turned off, and write a journal article describing the methods and results!  you're welcome to play along with the experimental project - start here!

otherwise, enjoy this image of a beautiful pair of spiral galaxies, flying toward each, about to clash.  is this a process that turns on a little burst of star formation before shutting it all off again?  stay turned...

colliding spiral galaxies: arp 271

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Sakib said...

They're not colliding, they're dancing!