Sunday, January 13, 2013

new years explosions

thought i'd share some photos of my new years eve celebrations around sydney.  after keeping myself pretty isolated between christmas and NYE, i did some party-hopping and caught up with friends and the lovely harbour views of sydney. 

the opera house, and boats lined up on the water where ever they were allowed.

a stunt plane flew over and impressed with tricks as the sun was setting and the anticipation building.

sydney's skyline.

cosmic fireworks: a spiral galaxy, a comet, and a couple globular clusters!  ;) 

the explosions stretched up and down the harbour.  you can really get an idea of the extent from the helicopter shots in this video (click).

 finale buildup.  

sydney is definitely a fun place to celebrate the new year.   i was glad i could get home by foot though, because the traffic reports, both roadway and public transport, seemed unbelievable. 

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heroineworshipper said...

Australians sure like projecting lips on everything.