Wednesday, January 23, 2013

astronaut tumblrs from space

did you know that canadian astronaut chris hadfield is on the international space station RIGHT NOW, and is continually posting photos to his tumblr and twitter accounts FROM SPACE, in addition to doing cool science?

in addition to taking photos of earth from space, like images of the australian bushfires:

he recently shared a photo of a space nacho saying "Variety is the Spice - corn chip, salsa, mushroom pate and jalapeno, floating weightless."

fun with technology!


Vicente Junior said...

Pretty cool!

skywatcher88 said...

Hello Amanda
Col.Hadfield has taken and posted many pics from all around the Earth from the ISS. I am following him on twitter.One of 250,000 and counting.
He is capturing just how beautiful our own planet is.Hope this inspires more people that from space there are no borders.
Peace and clear skies!