Monday, November 21, 2011

perth's pinnacles

i'm visiting the city of perth in western australia right now. i work on projects with a few different groups of astronomers here, so i decided to make an extended visit to progress those projects, give a talk, and explore a bit of western australia!

over the weekend we had a lovely BBQ at matilda bay, where you could see the city center in the distance.

we then set off the next day on a short road trip to visit the pinnacles desert area three hours north of perth.

it's unclear exactly how these rocks formed, but it happened after a series of events over a long, long period of time. it's also interesting that they occupy a relatively small area out in the desert of western australia.

we had a lot of photographic fun.

i forgot to bring my hat from sydney, so i purchased one at a shop on our way to the desert. the ribbon read "merry christmas!" this might be my holiday card this year :)

it was incredibly windy while we were out there and we were occasionally, painfully sandblasted! the benefit of the wind was the mystical atmosphere the sandstorms created.

some of the pinnacles reminded me of other things.

and if only i was a rock star, i'd have a nice photo to go with the CD, thanks to aaron's photography!


heroineworshipper said...

You seem to be romance deprived & fixated on 1 body part.

The Jackass-Penguin Show said...

A bit random, but the other day I was reading about the dibbler, a rare small marsupial that can be seen at Perth Zoo. Maybe you should pay them a visit...

skywatcher88 said...

Hello Amanda
What a perfect busker spot where you are ukeleleing from :)Has a built in cash bowl.
I hope you were`nt playing tiptoe through the phallusmites! ;)

Looks like an interesting place!
Did you folks waltz at Matilda Bay?
Peace and clear skies!